Ivan Brewster
Dan with Ivan Brewster
Dan presenting the mean spirited Ivan Brewster, as played by William Utay in "Pick a Number" in Season 2..
Vital statistics
Born: ????
Birthplace New York City, NY
brought into court for beating up a mime and stealing his change
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
1 episode, Season 2
Played by: William Utay

Ivan Brewster appears in the Season 2 episode of Night Court titled "Pick a Number" The part of Ivan is played by William Utay, who would later play two recurring characters, the eccentric former wealthy stockbroker turned homeless derelict and Dan's lackey and financial advisor Phil Sanders, who was introudced in Season 2 and would appear in numerous episodes until Season 9, when he died, and his brother Will Sanders, who was introduced in Season 9.

About IvanEdit

Ivan, who was arrested and brought into court for beating up a mime and stealing his hat full of change. When asked by Harry why he did what he did Ivan nonchalantly replies "For Kicks!"

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