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File:458px-3x01 Douglas Shaye.jpgFile:600full-gail-strickland.jpgFile:Al Craven.jpg
File:Amanda Caswell.pngFile:Angela Aames.jpgFile:Angela Aames as Angela.png
File:Angela Aames as Angela the nudist.pngFile:Angela and Dan.pngFile:Annie O'Donnell.jpg
File:Arnold Kopelson.pngFile:Art.jpgFile:Asaad Kelada.jpg
File:Barbara Brownell Billy's Mom.pngFile:Barney Martin.jpgFile:Biff.png
File:Billie Young.jpgFile:Billy McDonald.pngFile:Bob and June Wheeler.jpg
File:Brent Spiner.jpgFile:Brian Greene as Accordian Player.jpgFile:Brianne Leary.jpeg
File:Brianne Leary as Marjorie.pngFile:Buddy Ryan.jpgFile:Buddy and Amanda's wedding.png
File:Bull and Mary Jo Cafeteria.jpgFile:Bumper-Robinson.jpgFile:Carla with Harry.png
File:Cathy McAuley.pngFile:Cathy McAuley as Wanda Flinn.pngFile:Charles Bouvier as Melvin Hall.png
File:Charles Fleischer Funny People Premiere.jpgFile:Charles Robinson.jpgFile:Charles robinson 2329189.jpg
File:Christine Sullivan.jpgFile:Christine and Tony.pngFile:Christine and her Dad Jack.png
File:Christine meets Alan Kitch.pngFile:Christine with her Uncle Floyd.pngFile:Cliff Emmich.jpg
File:Conchata Ferrell Paley Center Media PaleyFest.jpgFile:Daddy Bob and Mucette Elmore.pngFile:Daddy for the Defense - Christine defends Keith Landon.png
File:Daddy for the Defense - Dan presents accused.pngFile:Daddy for the Defense - Tessa Richarde as Aphrodite.pngFile:Dan, Roz and the Sumo Wrestlers.png
File:Dan Fielding.jpgFile:Dan With Angela Korshak.pngFile:Dan and Debbie.png
File:Dan and Mervyn the Limo Driver.jpgFile:Dan presents Arnold Preminger.pngFile:Dan with Ivan Brewster.jpg
File:Dan with Paul Hodo.pngFile:Dan with his mom Mucette Elmore.pngFile:Daniel Frishman.jpg
File:Daniel Greene.jpgFile:Daniel Greene as Brent.jpgFile:Deneice Kumagai.png
File:Dirk the Bailiff.jpgFile:Dr. Peter Greene.pngFile:Elisha Cook Magnum PI.jpg
File:Elisha Cook as Wilbur Posten.pngFile:Ellen Foley.jpgFile:Ep 5x22 - Anne Bloom as Wanda Chaney.png
File:Ep 5x22 - Dan as part of the courtroom wall.pngFile:Ep 5x22 - Dan gets his orders.pngFile:Ep 5x22 - Dan meets SGT Foster.png
File:Ep 5x22 - Dan wants Bull to hit him.pngFile:Ep 5x22 - Danny Got His Gun (Part 1).pngFile:Ep 5x22 - Harry Mac and Roz meet Dan's CO.png
File:Ep 6x1 - Bobo the Seal.pngFile:Ep 6x1 - Dan's introduced to Namilama.pngFile:Ep 6x1 - Dan cops feel of Christine from strongbox.png
File:Ep 6x1 - Dan leaves Christine an heirloom.pngFile:Ep 6x1 - Dan shoots a flare gun.pngFile:Ep 6x1 - Dan shoots down plane.png
File:Ep 6x1 - Dan talking to Dr. Moody.pngFile:Ep 6x1 - Danny Got His Gun (Part 2).pngFile:Ep 6x1 - Harry reads Dan's will.png
File:Ep 6x1 - Kelly Hu as Kista.pngFile:Ep 6x1 - Michael McManus as Dr. Moody.pngFile:Ep 9x1 - A Guy Named Phantom (Part 1).png
File:Ep 9x1 - Bull promises that Dan will return.pngFile:Ep 9x1 - Harry and Christine kiss.pngFile:Ep 9x1 - Harry awakens from nightmare.png
File:Ep 9x1 - Harry dumps Christine in dream.pngFile:Ep 9x1 - Lissette and Oscar Brown take to each other.pngFile:Ep 9x1 - Raye Birk as Det. Pepitone.png
File:Ep 9x2 - Dan feels responsible for the funds theft.pngFile:Ep 9x2 - Dan the Phantom prepares breakfast.pngFile:Ep 9x2 - Pepitone discovers Dan is The Phantom.png
File:Ep 9x2 - Pepitone finds Dan's wallet.pngFile:Ep 9x2 - Pepitone unmasks Dan as The Phantom.pngFile:Ep 9x2 - Phil confesses to theft.png
File:Estelle-Harris .jpgFile:Estelle Harris as Easy Mary.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Faith Minton as Elsa Dubrinovitch.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Feature.png
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File:Gail Edwards as Tracy Knight.pngFile:Gail Strickland as Sheila Cornith opening credits.pngFile:Gary Shimokawa.jpg
File:George Murdock.jpgFile:Hank at son Bull's Wedding.pngFile:Harry-anderson-03.jpg
File:Harry Stone.jpgFile:Harry and Newlywed Couple.pngFile:Head Bailiff Reedy and Roz.png
File:Header.pngFile:Headerbkgd.jpgFile:IMDb logo.png
File:Image Needed Bull.jpgFile:Iris Keller and Liz Williams - The Eye of Beholder.jpgFile:Ivan Korolenko.png
File:Jack Gilford.jpgFile:James Burrows.jpgFile:Jason Bernard.jpg
File:Jason Bernard as Judge Willard.jpgFile:Jay Gerber.gifFile:Jay Gerber Alias.jpg
File:Jay Gerber as Mr. Loller the nudist.pngFile:Jay Sandrich.jpgFile:Jeanette Nolan.jpg
File:Jeanette Nolan as Mrs.Smith.pngFile:Jeanne Mori Star Trek III (1984).jpgFile:Jeff Corey.png
File:Jeff Corey Santa Claus.pngFile:Jeff Melman.jpgFile:Jennifer Richards.jpg
File:Jennifer Richards as Iris Keller.pngFile:Jeri Gaile.pngFile:Jim Drake.jpg
File:Joey Aresco.jpgFile:John Astin.jpgFile:John Larroquette.png
File:John Lykes.jpgFile:John McIntire.jpgFile:John McIntire as Daddy Bob Elmore.png
File:Joleen Lutz.pngFile:Joseph V. Perry.jpgFile:Judge Stone with Irene Danbury.png
File:Judy Landers.jpgFile:Judy Landers as MAJ Savage.pngFile:Karen Austin.jpg
File:Karen Morrow.jpgFile:KennethTigar.jpgFile:KennethTigar as Mr.Slotkin.jpg
File:Kenneth Danziger.jpgFile:Kenneth Tigar as Mr. Slotkin.jpgFile:Kitty Daniels.jpg
File:Kitty flashes Dan.jpgFile:Lana Wagner.jpgFile:Lena Pousette.jpg
File:Leon.jpgFile:Leonard Blum.jpgFile:Leslie Bevis in Spaceballs Comanderette Zircon.jpg
File:Linda Hart.jpgFile:Linwood Boomer.jpgFile:Lisette confronts Billy McDonald.png
File:Liz Williams.jpgFile:Louise & Phil Kerr.pngFile:MV5BMjA1OTY1OTcyMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODY2NzEyMjE@. V1 UY268 CR87,0,182,268 AL .jpg
File:MV5BNjAxMjcxOTc3M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDc2NzEyMjE@. V1 UY268 CR87,0,182,268 AL .jpgFile:Margot Rose.pngFile:Margot Rose as Charlotte Lund.png
File:Markie Post.jpgFile:Marsha Warfield.jpgFile:Martin Garner.gif
File:Marty Ratner and Selma.pngFile:Marty and old flame Selma.pngFile:Mary Jo and Dan.jpg
File:Mary Montgomery.pngFile:Matthew Laurance.jpgFile:Matthew Laurance as Bill Oxley.jpg
File:Mel Torme.jpgFile:Mel Torme portrait.jpgFile:Menulogo.png
File:Michael J. Fox.jpgFile:Michael J. Fox Eddie Simms.pngFile:Micole Mercurio.jpg
File:Micole Mercurio as Ginger.jpgFile:Micole Mercurio as Phyllis.pngFile:Mike Finneran.jpg
File:Mimi Kennedy Picture.jpgFile:Mini Mart Marv Mac Snacks.pngFile:Miranda and Billy.png
File:Miriam Floyd coos Dan.pngFile:Mr. Douglas and Biff.pngFile:Mr. Douglas and Dan.png
File:Mr. Loller and Flo in Harry's chambers.pngFile:Mrs.Smith in court.pngFile:Nancy Steen.gif
File:Nat Bernstein.jpgFile:Night Court - For Love of Money - Dan defending Mr. Poplinskly.pngFile:Night Court - For Love of Money - Mr. Poplinskly, Ms. Caswell and driver.png
File:Night Court - Opening Screenshot of caption and NYC skyline.pngFile:Night Court - The Complete Second Season DVD Clip - Virgin MaryFile:Night Court Est.1984 Header Transparent.png
File:Night Court Season 3 IntroFile:Night Court Season 3 Intro-0File:Night Court Season 3 Intro-1
File:Night Court Wiki - Manhattan Court Building.pngFile:Night Court cast Season 3.jpgFile:Night Court ep. 1x1 - All You Need Is Love.jpg
File:Night Court ep. 1x2 - Santa Goes Downtown.pngFile:Night Court ep. 1x3 - The Former Harry Stone.jpgFile:Night Court ep. 1x4 - Welcome Back, Momma.png
File:Night Court ep. 1x5 - The Eye of the Beholder.jpgFile:Night Court ep. 2x13 - Dan's Parents.jpgFile:Night Court episode - Leslie Bevis as Sheila.png
File:Night Court episode - Married Alive - Dan Mr. Douglas.jpgFile:Night Court episode 3x2 - The Hostage.pngFile:Night Court episode = 3x2 - Mac and the Paramedic.png
File:Night Court episode = 3x2 - Mr. Slotkin's hostages.pngFile:Night Court episode = 3x2 - Subway commuters.pngFile:Night Court intro
File:Night Court opening.pngFile:Night Court themeFile:Night Court wiki - Gradient.png
File:Night court title.jpgFile:Nightcourtseason9-1.jpgFile:Nightcourtseason9-2.jpg
File:Noam Pitlik-The Flying Nun.gifFile:Oct-2006-paris-167.jpgFile:Olivia Barash.jpg
File:Paddi Edwards.pngFile:Patrick Wright cop Roller Boogie.jpgFile:Patty Douglas and Dan having lunch.jpg
File:Paula Kelly.jpegFile:Peggy McCay.jpgFile:Phil Leeds in Ghost - 1990.jpg
File:Phil Sanders.pngFile:Phyllis dancing.pngFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Princess Tatiana.pngFile:Princess Tatiana and Judge Stone.pngFile:Professor Shoup meets author Bull.png
File:Quon Le.jpgFile:R.J. Colleary.jpgFile:Ralph Manza in Get Shorty.gif
File:Ray Arbruzzo.jpgFile:Raye Birk.jpgFile:Reid Asato.jpg
File:Reinhold weege.jpgFile:Richard Moll.jpgFile:Richard Stahl.jpg
File:Rita Taggart.pngFile:Ritch Brinkley.jpgFile:Robert Barron in Bill and Ted Execellent Advent.jpg
File:Rocco DiNoble Jr..jpgFile:Ron Osborn.jpgFile:Ron Osborn Jeff Reno.png
File:Ron Ross - IMDb.pngFile:Roz.jpgFile:Sample.jpg
File:Season 4 cast photo.jpg-medium.jpgFile:Selma Diamond.jpgFile:Selma and Bernie.png
File:Stanley Brock Night of the Comet.jpgFile:Stella Stevens.jpgFile:Stella Stevens as Irene Danbury.png
File:Stonehenge.jpgFile:Stu Kreisman.pngFile:Teresa O'Neill.jpg
File:Teri Hatcher.jpgFile:The Bickering Kerrs = Series Pilot.pngFile:The Mackenzies.png
File:The Red Ranger.jpgFile:Tim Dang as Prince Maurice.pngFile:Timothy Dang.jpg
File:Ursula and Inga.pngFile:Ursula and Inga 2.pngFile:Victoria Filmore.png
File:Vincent Daniels and Dan.jpgFile:Vincent Frago and Iris Keller.jpgFile:Wendy Wells-Gunkel.jpg
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wiki.pngFile:Wiki wide.png
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