Mr. Poplinsky
Night Court - For Love of Money - Dan defending Mr. Poplinskly

Dan Fielding (left) defending Mr. Poplinsky (right) in "For Love or Money" in Season 7.
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Chestnut stand owner, Manhattan, NY, U.S.
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"For Love or Money"
Played by: Bill Capizzi

Mr. Poplinksy, a chestnut stand owner, appears in the Season 7 episode of Night Court titled "For Love or Money". The part of Poplinsky is played by character actor Bill Capizzi.

About Mr. PoplinskyEdit

Night Court - For Love of Money - Mr. Poplinskly, Ms. Caswell and driver

Amanda Caswell, a wealthy socialite and widow, offers to pay Mr. Poplinsky $5,000 for damages to his nut stand.

At the beginning of the episode "For Love and Money" Mr. Poplinsky, and Amanda Caswell, who's a wealthy millionaire's widow and socialite, are brought into Harry's courtroom after her limousene struck his chestnut stand, as she was rushing to try to make a charity event, and as Dan Fielding, who represents him decribes "scattered his nuts all over Broadway!". After Amanda confesses that it was her fault, in that she was getting her driver to go as fast as he could to get her to her charity event, agrees to pay Mr. Poplinsky (Bill Capizzi), the amount of the damages to his truck, which was $5,000, Judge Stone inquires Poplinsky by saying "I guess it's alright if it's alright with Mr. Poplinsky", he responds, in snatching the cash out of her hand, "What acttident !??"