Ronald & Vickie McKenzie
The Mackenzies
The McKenzies, played by Joey Aresco and Judy Landers
Vital statistics
Gender: Male (Ronald McKenzie)
Female {Vickie Guyer-McKenzie)
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"The Former Harry Stone" (Season 1)
Played by: Joey Aresco as Ronald
Judy Landers as Vickie

The Mckenzies were characters who appeared in the episode of Night Court titled "The Former Harry Stone". The part of the husband is played by Joey Aresco; the part of the bride to be is played by Judy Landers.

About the coupleEdit

In the episode which the two appear, "The Former Judge Harry Stone" in Season 1, The husband, Ronald McKenzie, is brought before Harry's court for disorderly conduct after starting a brawl at his wedding ceremony after learning his bride-to-be, the former Vickie Guyer was once a nude centerfold in a men's magazine. In presenting his argument before the court as to why he started the ruckus at the chapel which they were to be wed, Liz Williams, his attorney, claims that several guys were circulating centerfold images of Ronald's bride, the former Vickie Guyer, about the chapel when the fight ensued.

Harry and Newlywed Couple

Harry is able to get the McKenzies to reconcile their differences in opinion over Vickie's one-time "mistake" of posing nude in a men's magazine and to get them to go on with their wedding.

Ronald complains to Harry as to saying "who would want to marryrules in favor the bride to be, "What kind of guy would want his entire bowling team to know what his wife's goodies look like?!" Vickie, with regret over her one time men's magazine appearance, admits that maybe she did make a mistake, but that it didn't make her a bad person.

Anyway, Judge Stone winds up ruling in favor of the charges levied against Ronald, as he also is able to get the newlywed couple to reconcile, and even marries the two in his chambers, as Ronald's tuxedo, which was rented, had to be back at the tuxedo store the next day!  Ronald finally forgives Vickie over her past "mistake" and looks past it as all becomes well in marriageland!