"The New Judge"
Season 4, Episode 7
#64 in Series (193 episodes)
Series: Night Court
Network/Country: NBC-TV / United States
Air date November 20, 1986
Production code 185939
Written by Linwood Boomer
Directed by: Jeff Melman
Guest stars: Jeff Altman
Joe Regalbuto
Dirk Blocker
Dolores Albin
Patrick Cranshaw
Charlotte Portney (Uncredited)
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"Dan's Operation (Part 2)" "Contempt of Courting"
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The New Judge was the 7th episode of Season 4 of Night Court, also the 64th overall series episode. Written by Bob Stevens, and directed by Jeff Melman, the episode, which aired on NBC-TV, first aired on November 20, 1986 and is available in unedited form on the website 

"The New Judge"
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Dan makes a friend out of the judge substituting until he realizes the man is trying to bribe him, and his friends talk him into wearing a wire to entrap the man. Harry's temporary replacement carries a huge revolver with him everywhere he goes. When the new judge offers Dan a bribe, Dan becomes the reluctant pawn in a sting operation.

Plot SummaryEdit

While Harry (Harry Anderson) takes a night off, his duties are assumed by Judge Watson (Jeff Altman), with whom Dan (John Larroquette) forms a bond. But when Watson proves to be packing heat--and worse, turns out to be a crook--it is a very reluctant Dan who agrees to wear a wire in a police sting operation aimed at the errant Judge. Watch for the hilarious "Bert and Ernie" moment featuring former Black Sheep Squadron regular Dirk Blocker and future Murphy Brown costar Joe Regalbuto.

Guest stars/Recurring characters/castEdit

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