Tim Steele

General Information
Gender: Male
TV/film producer and director
Years active: 1970-2001
Appearances/Series information
Involved with: Night Court
Job on series: Producer/Asst. Producer, 162 episodes, Seasons 2-9
Director, 19 episodes, Seasons 3-9

Tim Steele was involved in the production of a total of 162 episodes of Night Court, beginning with the Season 2 episode "Married Alive"; Tim also directed a total of 19 episodes from Seasons 3-9, beginning with the episode "Flo's Retirement" in Season 3.

In addition to his work on Night Court, Tim has also produced episodes for Growing Pains, The Richard Pryor Show, Barney Miller. The Sinbad Show, and The Parent 'Hood.

Tim got his start in producing as the producer of the 1970 film documentary The Muppets on Pupperts. He also served as assistant producer for the TV films The Invasion of Carol Enders (1973), The Turn of the Screw and The Hollywood Palladium (1974).

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