Tom Reeder

Tom Reeder on vacation in Paris, France in 2006.
General Information
Gender: Male
Birthplace United States
Creative Consultant/Producer/TV screenwriter
Years active: 1976-present
Appearances/Series information
Involved with: Night Court
Job on series: Writer - 14 episodes, Seasons 1-6
Script/Creative Consultant - 78 episodes, Seasons 1-6

Tom Reeder wrote 14 episodes for Night Court from seasons 1 through 6, beginning with the episode titled "The Former Harry Stone"; he also served as a story/creative consultant for a total of 78 episodes in Seasons 1-6 as well.

In addition to his work on Night Court, Tom has written scripts for numerous TV shows which include BensonBarney MillerCheersM*A*S*HNurses, and, most recently, Grace Under Fine, Dave's World. Tom's most recent work to date has been on the TV series Drop Dead Diva in 2013. As of early 2014, Tom is presently at work on an episode of House of Lies. He also has served as a producer for numerous episodes of both the ABC-TV series Benson and NBC-TV's The Cosby Show.

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