Tracy Knight
Gail Edwards as Tracy Knight
Tracy, played by Gail Edwards
Vital statistics
Gender: Female
Prosecutor, Manhattan Municipal Court
Struggles with her romantic urges when she admits an attraction to Dan; gets into heavy romantic interplay with Dan, before resisting his advances
Appearances/Series information
Appeared on: Night Court
appeared in:
"Attack of the Mac Snacks" (Season 7)
Played by: Gail Edwards

Tracy Knight is a character who appears in the episode of Night Court, titled "Attack of the Mac Snacks" in season 7. The part of Tracy is played by actress Gail Edwards.

About TracyEdit

In the episode "Attack of the Mac Snacks", Tracy, who was sent by the District Attorney's office to assist Dan Fielding, who's the Assistant DA, let Dan know upon their first meeting that she made it a policy not to date her co-workers, as he asked her out on a date.

When Gail, who admitted to Dan about her past bad experiences with men, heard the rumor about Dan asking women in the court building their "breast size", Dan trys to go out of his way to dispel that image of himself to impress her.

Tracy, who becomes quite impressed with Dan (namely, his guise) as she presents him with a little gift as a token of her appreciation of him not coming on too strong to her. She admits to hime "When I'm with the right man, something comes over me!" she loses control of her inhibitions, as Dan, who is then by this time quite aroused, loses his cool and chimes "That's it! I want you, now!"

Quite disappointed with Dan showing his true intentions, Gail says to him "You're just like the rest!" as he then responds "I'm better then them!"

At episode's end, Gail, who seemed to be playing a little game with Dan in ther interplay with one another, mistakenly concludes that Dan was not only not attracted to her, but that he didn't find her appealing, until, in an attempt to prove her theory, kisses him, as the two then lustfully suck face uncontrollably (albeit for a moment) in the court hallway, as she then is somehow able to gain control of herself, as she then says "I guess I was wrong! Too bad were co-workers, then we could have had sone fun then, huh?". as the overwhelmed and romantically overheated Dan then passes out for a moment in the hallway!

The end of the episode, the two, who wound up together in the cleaning supplies room together, necking, as Tracy leaves him lusting for as she says "Guess it just wasn't meant to be!" as Dan, then sexually overheated again, desperately lunges for a nearby Roz, asserting "I need flesh!", as an angry Roz, then, moments later emerges from the closet, with Dan on top of the custodial tray tied up in knots!

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